July Update

Welcome to our monthly update! I hope you’ve all had a good month. This month we’re talking leaderboards, new pilot guides, stats and much more.

What makes our job worthwhile is seeing the amount of pilots flying for us every day, especially those who dedicate so much time to climbing the ranks. Well done to all the pilots who made it to the top of this month’s leaderboard – whether it be for the highest amount of PIREPs, Hours, Points or Bonus Points. A special well done to Kai, Chris, Jeroen, Mia and Sonat for reaching the top 3!

New Pilots
We welcome over 220 new pilots to vRYR every month. We know many of those pilots will be experienced members of our community, but we also recognise that some may be brand-new to flight simulation, and are possibly unsure about where to begin – it can be quite daunting at first! This is why we created the New Pilot Guide, to help you to starting your vRYR career quickly. We talk about community, operations and support – as well as a quick getting started guide to getting you into the cockpit and flying our passengers to their destinations. Click here to download the guide and please feel free to reach out to the staff team if you have any questions or problems.

Ukraine Operations
Back in February, we suspended our operations into Ukraine as a result of real-world flight data. We remain focused on offering a realistic operations experience and therefore these operations are still suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and our Routes Network Managers are regularly reviewing the situation to decide when Ukrainian flights can resume.

Staff Team Appointment
In June we welcomed Tomas Bloemink to the vRYR Staff Team as our second Community Manager, who will work alongside Anna and Eric to moderate our servers and ensure a friendly community platform for all of our pilots!

Upcoming Events
Here is a taster of what’s to come in August! Many more events will be shared with pilots throughout the month so please keep an eye out on the Discord server and our socials!

Alternate Airports – Resource Release
We have recently released our ‘Alternate Airports’ resource which is available to download on the vAMSYS Community Forums. It lists all available alternates for all airports within our network. Please also take time to review our Diversion policy on vAMSYS when the use of alternates may be necessary.

Discord Server Scams
You may be aware of a scam circulating across Discord whereby you receive a message saying you’ve been “named and shamed” and that you can join a server and “see for yourself”. These servers contain a QR code which users are prompted to scan and authenticate with using the Discord app (like you would when trying to sign in on your computer). Do not join these servers and definitely do not scan any QR codes. You should never scan a QR code to log in other than the one on the Discord login page, and you should always check the legitimacy of the website you’re signing into – it might look the part, so always check the URL.