Hello 👋 and welcome to vRYR!

Welcome to vRYR, simulating operations of a certain Irish carrier for over 7 years. We’re home to over 20,000 pilots, over 4,000 routes and 450 Boeing aircraft. Above all this, we’re proud to operate on the unquestionably superb vAMSYS platform.

vRYR represents a key virtual airline in the modern world of flight simulation. It is a wonderfully elegant site and provides an exceptionally large active pilot community. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, vRYR will meet your expectations.

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Two Focus Airports each week, ranging in destination and complexity.

Monthly tours across Europe and beyond, operating RYR, RYS, LDM and MAY routes.

Partnered with VATSIM and IVAO to provide exciting and challenging events.

Seasonal-based events where pilots can double and sometimes triple their flight points!

vRYR is the ideal virtual airline for those seeking a friendly community, realistic operations, useful resources and great support.

I’ve been a pilot with vRYR since June 2014 and I wouldn’t consider joining any other virtual airline. The staff are great, supportive and really friendly…

vRYR Pilot

Having worked on the vRYR team, it’s great to see the vRYR team taking the VA from strength to strength, giving pilots a great experience!

Lukas Jankauskas, Team vAMSYS

We have plans in place to upscale vRYR, provide more realistic routes and continue to offer a great platform for enthusiasts. I’m looking forward to the future of vRYR.

Jack Wilkinson, vRYR Operations Director