About us

We've soared the skies since 2013.

Managed by a passionate, dedicated staff team, vRYR has soared the virtual skies since 2013. Our mission is simple – to provide a hassle-free, immersive operation without restriction. Pilots can choose from all vRYR aircraft, route and destinations under one roof.

Where community comes first.

Exciting events

Earn bonus points at Focus Airports, meet friends at Group Flights or show off your landing at our Fly-Ins – we have events to cater for pilots of all experience.

Immersive operations

We’re dedicated to providing our pilots with the best operations. This includes study-level resources, regularly updated routes and quick support.

Fancy a t-shirt?

Want to show off your love for vRYR? Now you can. Order from our merchandise site where all earnings go to two of our nominated aviation charities.

who to blame when things go wrong

Meet our team

The staff team is made up of dedicated, passionate volunteers who give up their spare time to help manage our operations, community and support functions. You can speak to the staff team via our Discord server – don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and find out more about our community.

operations director

Jack Wilkinson

operations manager

George Peppard

operations assistant

Jack Ryan

routes network manager

Chris Dobison

routes network manager

Ian Livesey

support manager

Eric Liu

events manager

James Williams

community manager

Anna Győrffy

community manager

Tomas Bloemink

fleet manager (MSFS)

James Brierley

fleet manager (xplane)

Daniel Smith

fleet manager (prepar3d)

Ollie Simpson

Start flying and earning points.